Here at The Granary Kitchen + Bar, we believe in:

* Being creative and adventurous with our menu items

* Creating everything from ‘scratch’; No added nothing!

* Providing excellent customer service

Our Space

The Granary Kitchen + Bar has an iconic look and feel, and  is one-of-a-kind in Kuching. A beautiful building, that once served as a grain warehouse in the early 1900’s, The Granary was tastefully renovated, maintaining much of the original brickwork and finished with recycled doors and windows. A large and unique space, The Granary is the perfect venue for weddings, photo shoots and special occasions.

Who We Are

We are a melting pot of cultures and experiences; from Sarawak, South Africa, New Zealand, America, China and Hong Kong. With differing backgrounds, our team is passionate about the experience & flavours of food and drink, and we are focused on making our mark on the Kuching food scene!

The Founders

It would be difficult to find business partners with backgrounds more different than Joanne & Emily. Their partnership hinges on the passion that food and drink has invoked within them and the desire to do something different in Kuching.

After years of planning and dreaming; an opportunity came knocking and the rest, as they say, is history.

They love to eat, they love to drink; So join them on their journey;

Exploring the tastes, flavours and ingredients; Of the local food and cuisines of the world.


Billy Morrison

Billy is from Texas, USA and is an experienced cocktailMixologist who loves a good BBQ and an ice-cold beer. 

Having lived and traveled Asia for the last 10 years, Billy has developed a penchant for delicious food, refreshing drinks and good company.

Lutonia Naicker

Lutonia is from Durban, South Africa.  She studied Culinary Arts in New Zealand where she gained her Western kitchen experience.

Lutonia has a dream to break the cycle of poverty, by teaching kids the foundation of cooking with the bare necessities.

Together with our local team she hopes to contribute to the growing change in the Kuching culinary scene!