Here at The Granary Kitchen + Bar, we believe in:

* Being creative and adventurous with our menu items

* Creating everything from ‘scratch’; No added nothing!

* Providing excellent customer service


Our Space

The Granary Kitchen + Bar has an iconic look and feel, and  is one-of-a-kind in Kuching. A beautiful building, that once served as a grain warehouse in the early 1900’s, The Granary was tastefully renovated, maintaining much of the original brickwork and finished with recycled doors and windows. A large and unique space, The Granary is the perfect venue for weddings, photo shoots and special occasions.

The Founders
It would be difficult to find business partners with backgrounds more different than Joanne & Emily. After years of planning and dreaming; an opportunity came knocking and the rest, as they say, is history. When we started this journey in 2015; we never believed that it would be as good as it is today, serving up some of our best meals ever and thriving off very special and passionate talent.

Who We Are

We are a melting pot of cultures and experiences; from Sarawak, South Africa, New Zealand, America, Nepal, Korea, China and Hong Kong. With differing backgrounds, our team is passionate about the experience & flavours of food and drink, and we are focused on making our mark on the Kuching food scene!

The Granary Kitchen + Bar is managed by Ikikatalife Sdn Bhd (1152846-K)

Billy Morrison | Executive F&B Operations Manager
Billy is originally from Texas, USA and is an experienced Mixologist; who is always on the lookout for a good day to ride his bike, loves a good BBQ and sipping an ice-cold beer. Relishing in his role at The Granary as our Executive F&B Operations Manager; he brings with him a variety of experiences from having lived and traveled Asia for the last 15 years.

Nabin Sen | Restaurant Manager
Nabin is from Nepal, but he now calls Kuching home. Nabs (we gave him an alternate moniker!) is a huge favourite with customers; his genuine work ethic and impeccable service just shines right through. Nabs is always ready with a cheeky quip and a ready smile!

Monica Nani | Pastry Chef
Monica comes from Mukah, a coastal town in Sarawak. She may be tiny, but she is the force behind all our baked items; from cakes to pizza bases and all the in-betweens like burger buns, empanadas, tarts and etc! Also known as Mon in the kitchen; her go-to snack is Fish Crackers (from Mukah!) and she cannot live without her pillow if she were ever stuck on an island!

Angelyn Dohen | Sous Chef
Ange is our Lunch Sous Chef; she is the driving force behind our lunch service. Hailing from the small mining town of Bau; she is our prep queen! She particularly likes the grind at Granary because the working environment that is unlike other restaurant’s shes worked at before.

Ewan Apandi | Shift Supervisor
Ewan is also a Kuching boy, a proud Sarawakian. Together with Billy + Nabin; they have changed facets of The Granary to an incredible restaurant led by some brilliant and passionate people. One of his many talents include being able to sleep for days (must be a hospo thing!) and another chocolate addict; we know Ewan can survive on beef burgers and sleep!

Michelle Fabian | Senior Bartender
Mich is our Senior Bartender, but when she started with us just over a year ago, she applied as a part time waitress. Quickly moving up the ranks; she showed gumption and initiative (which we love!). A true girly girl at heart who loves all things pink!